Tuesday, 26 June 2007

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Release the Stars - Rufus Wainwright
The more I listen to this, the more I like it. It's currently playing on repeat in my car. Some interesting instrumental arrangements, wonderful singing (his voice is more velvet than chocolate), and quirky melodies. Favourite tracks so far are "Do I disappoint you?" (the opening track), "Between my legs" (I don't want to know what this one is about!), and "Slideshow".

Little Eve - Kate Miller-Heidke
There's a bit of a story here. A year ago, the CD stacker in my car died at the moment I inserted a new KMH CD (an earlier 'EP'). It has taken exactly a year for us to determine that the stacker is stuffed, so I have just had fitted a new stereo that plays MP3s and WMAs from CD, i-river via aux port and USB key! Anyway, while this was being installed, I was browsing in JB Hi-Fi and spied this CD, a new release (as well as the others listed here). Somehow it seemed fitting for me to purchase it! Kate has a 'Kate Bush voice' and is even more quirky than Rufus Wainwright. Only a few listens so far.

Moo You Bloody Choir - Augie March
I bought this on a whim, because I rather like the hit - "One crowded hour". So far I am really enjoying the CD as well, although I've only listened to it a couple of times.

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