Saturday, 23 June 2007

Success in the early hours

Remember my pre-dawn experiment? Well, it has been remarkably successful. After five ~6:30am starts (Mon to Fri) I have churned out more words than I would have done in the same time at the other end of the day. Perhaps twice as many (per day). If you consider I actually wrote 5/5 instead of 2/5 days, the result is fantabulous.

The brilliant thing about the morning start is that the only way it can be compromised is by my sleeping in (not an unknown scenario, I admit). In other words, you don't have dinner invitations, TV shows, or meetings (well, not that often, anyway) at 6:30am. All you have is one hour in which to write.

This means that I can write every day without struggling to fit it in, or battling exhaustion at the end of the day. Somehow, despite feeling absolutely dreadful at 6:30am, I am fresher. The words seem to flow more easily.

I really don't know why it worked so well. On the weekend, I find it really difficult to squeeze in an hour's writing when I have an engagement on afterwards. I simply can't get my head around what I need to do in that time. So why isn't it the same in the morning? Maybe it's the continuity of writing every day.

Anyway, I plan to repeat the whole deal next week. I believe I am sufficiently bouyed by the results of week 1 to be capable of dragging myself out of bed again. Hopefully it was not a fluke, and I might actually finish this novel sometime soon!


  1. I do think writing every day makes it easier. But you won't see me up at 6.30 am. I'd rather do it at the other end of night. Good for you though!

  2. It's one end of the day, or the other, I'm afraid! This evening I have been too tired and wretched to write. A side-effect of 6:30am no doubt!