Saturday, 30 June 2007

What is inspiration?

The challenge is to list six sources of inspiration (other than people). This has made me think a bit about inspiration, and what people do with it. As a writer, I naturally consider it to be inspiration for writing -- a scene, or a piece of dialogue, or a description. But there are many other ways to be inspired. I guess it often ends in an action though, whether a good deed, or merely an act that might not have eventuated otherwise. Or maybe inspiration can lead to a pure form of happiness and contentment, and that's enough.

In my case, inspiration hits me like a wave of adrenalin and makes me want to write. In the past, it has also made me want to sing (which for me is often an expression of happiness) :-)

The dictionary says (OK, I'm also an engineer and I like definitions):
inspiration - 1. drawing in of breath, 2. divine influence, esp that which is thought to prompt poets etc, 3. thought that prompts a sudden brilliant or timely idea, 4. inspiring principle.

Like Lisa, I am going to write several posts over the next few days on things that inspire me.

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  1. Love the list of 'inspirations' you've posted. Thanks for taking part!