Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Cold. We had rain, thunder, lightning and hail today, the coldest day in 9 years.

I am really feeling it this winter. So very cold. A few people have postulated the theory that it's because I've lost my padding! Could this be true?

OK, so our coldest day in 9 years reached 9 degrees, then plunged to 5 degrees for most of the day -- and now there are many people in the far north of the world laughing, because they have to deal with -30 degrees C. But for Melbourne, it's freezing!

My heating has been going non-stop this evening. It came on at 6pm and it has still not reached the steady-state temp of 20 degrees. I wonder if it will?


  1. Ellen ... it IS freezing. It's not because you lost your padding. I was walking home on Monday and thinking just how cold I was feeling. Then I realised that I have been wearing exactly the same clothes for the last 6 years (wardrobe upgrade required perhaps?) and I have never, ever been this cold! And ... if it helps, I've added padding.

  2. I was 1800 metres above sea level that day, and let me tell you it was freezing. We stayed inside all day as the mountain endured a fierce blizzard with gale force winds. Nice for hot chocolates and gazing out the window, though.