Sunday, 29 July 2007

Farewell Phoenix

Today the Melbourne Phoenix played its last home game ever. Likewise for the Kestrels. A really sad and emotional day. Lucky for the Phoenix they won their game -- a great tussle with the Thunderbirds. The Kestrels were not so lucky, going down to the Firebirds. Netball Victoria put on a little commemorative ceremony for the two teams between games, and Paulini sang. We could have done without the latter, but the ceremony and souvenir program were both appreciated.

There are two still games left before the finals. Phoenix plays the Darters and the Firebirds -- they should win both of those and finish top of the table as minor premiers. This makes me get all worked up again about Netball Australia's insane and unfair decision to host ALL the finals in Sydney. It really makes my blood boil. I can feel more emotional e-mails coming on as we get closer to the finals!

Next year, there will be a new Melbourne netball team, probably incorporating the best of the Phoenix and Kestrels teams. It will be a formidable team, and I'm quite looking forward to it. But for now I'm sad that the purple passion will be gone for good.

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  1. I agree Ellen. It is extremely unfair to host ALL the finals in Sydney. Stupid decision!