Saturday, 28 July 2007

Feeling positive

I think I'm going to enjoy the rewriting process. After that post on Thursday I knuckled down and actually started reading my draft, scrawling notes to myself as I went. It took me hours to get half way through, after which I needed to harness some of the ideas richocheting around my brain. So now I have a mapped out 'Act 1', complete with scheduled new scenes, scenes in the gun for deletion, one or two that need rewriting, and ideas for fine-tuning those that made the grade.

One major idea came to me during my Thursday afternoon walk. It's nothing that will affect the plot, but it adds character depth and ties in with one of the plotlines so incredibly well that I'm excited.

I don't have ideas that often when I'm walking. I've tried it in the past as a vehicle of creativity, but my mind tends to go blank instead, which is why I've taken to listening to books or music. But on Thursday the creative juices were really flowing. Must have had something to do with the gorgeous coastal scenery. I think the whole revamped Act 1 came to me in some form or other. I think it's going to be so much stronger and tighter and better.

I can't wait now to get back into it!

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  1. Ahh, you've gotta love the lightbulb moments! Strnagely I get most of my most of my ideas when I'm walking or showering. Unfotunately the drought has cut my showering time in half -- maybe that's why I get stuck so often!