Monday, 9 July 2007


This evening I have completed the first/second draft of my novel.


Not sure what to do now. Do I leave it to gestate for a few weeks? Do I maintain the good rhythm I've had for the past three weeks and immediately start the rewrite?

There are many many things I need to address. It's still very rough, particularly in the second half, where I was really trying hard not to get bogged down by 'perfection'. There are many ideas I need to seed, settings and characters to flesh out, narrative and dialogue to clean up etc etc.

Do I get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning?


BTW, this draft is just under 98,000 words long. Not sure if it will grow or stay the same during the rewrite. I expect it will grow, but that's OK. I was originally targeting 120,000 words. What I can say is that it won't be a rewrite from a blank sheet. That's what this was, more or less, which is why I'm calling it the 1st/2nd draft.

I think I'm going to leave it until my week off in a couple of weeks. Am going down to the island, and that will be a good opportunity to start reviewing the draft. All 228 A4 typed pages of it (mostly 11pt Times Roman, 1.5 space).

So now I guess I'm on holiday!!


  1. Congratulations Ellen!

  2. Congratulations! Personally, I think a holiday is always good. But, I do hate the "Did I really used to work this hard" feeling when you get back into it.

    As for going to the island ... I hear that the seasoned locals call it "the rock".

    Enjoy your break!

  3. Woo hoo, Ellen! Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations! Are you going to celebrate? Enjoy the break!

  5. Fantastic news. Good on you. I'd say give it a quick read now -- don't stop to edit, but run a highlighter down any passages that seem to drag, that have obvious problems or anything like that.

    Don't forget to put it into 12 point before you send it out!

    Are you going out to celebrate? You should. It's a big event finishing a draft -- especially a first draft. You should do something to reward yourself.

  6. Thanks all.

    Tracey, thanks for the advice. I think I'll do as you suggest re the highlighter next week.

    As for the formatting . . . er, somehow I think I will manage to remember to format it properly before I send it out. I only mentioned the formatting to emphasise that it _wasn't_ 12 pt double-spaced! (which would of course have made the page-count even longer.) However, I am a long long long way from that yet. I will happily beaver away in 11 pt 1.5 space in the meantime.