Sunday, 15 July 2007


The thing about massive projects -- such as novels, or theses -- is that while one is focusing on them, everything else goes by the wayside. Things build up. I believe Philip K Dick called it 'kipple' in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Well, I have a house full of it.

Nevertheless, I have purged this weekend and made some progress. I have fitted out my pantry with a mountain of Tupperware that has been stacked on my kitchen table for over a month. This necessitated some rearranging and liberation of other cupboards to make space for everything. So, after about six hours of solid rearranging, emptying, tossing, I can actually see the surface of my table . . . for now. And my pantry is looking somewhat spectacular.

I have also filed about six months worth of bills, bank statements, and general miscellany; tossed more clothes out of my wardrobe after trying on about 10 pairs of pants, most of which are now too big (propelling me into a suit crisis); plus pruned pruned pruned various bushes in the garden and weeeeeded until my back broke.

I feel better, but still kipple remains in the form of boxes of stuff to go to an op shop, plus things in my study I haven't gotten around to finding homes for yet. And thus it will most likely stay for another few weeks!

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