Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Arabesque . . .

. . . is a Middle-Eastern restaurant that is well worth a visit. We had the banquet tonight. It starts with pita bread, tabbouleh and a couple of dips, followed by plate after plate of entree -- feta and mint filo parcels, lamb and pine nut pastries, falafels, baby sausages and chicken wings.

After that there's a nice break during which you can enjoy wine and conversation. Then come a couple of mains to share. Tonight it was traditional Moroccan chicken with rice (aromatic pilaf style with pine nuts) and beef koftas (kind of like rissoles).

After another break comes dessert -- Turkish delight with sweet nutty pastries -- and Arabic coffee, dense and black, spiced with cardamom.

There is plenty of food -- not an obscene amount as can happen with some banquets, but a satisfying, tummy comfy amount of food. And the food is good.

This is one of my favourites.


  1. Was that where we went last time I was home? If it is, it is indeed a nice restaurant.

  2. Please, you're making me hungry!

  3. It could well be, Hayley. Too tell you the truth, I can't remember where we went!