Sunday, 12 August 2007

Realising the dream

This afternoon I attended the CD launch of a work colleague, and was reminded that one's artistic aspirations can be realised if one tries hard enough. It's so easy to let everything else get in the way (and I'm really battling that at the moment), but perseverence will get you over the line in the end.

The music industry is somewhat different from novel publishing of course, in that it is not so hard -- and is even encouraged -- to record your own CD and sell it at gigs. But in order to succeed, you do need to have talent and a good dose of luck, and you need to find ways of having people hear it. People only tend to buy CDs if they've heard some of the tracks, so the next challenge is getting it played on the radio, or playing live to new audiences. This could be considered an additional hurdle the novel author doesn't need to face (although no doubt there are other hurdles . . .).

Despite being quite different markets, however, there are certain parallels. I know that Ben has put his heart and soul into first writing and recording the album, and more recently putting together the CD package and marketing program. I have been following his progress avidly -- and, I must confess, a little jealously, since I liken this to having a novel published. Nevertheless, I am genuinely excited for him and hope he manages to get the good industry reviews and radio airplay that he needs.

It's been good to witness the culmination of his artistic endeavours, and I just hope that I can follow suit!

If you're interested, check out Ben's web site here.

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