Monday, 6 August 2007


You'll notice there haven't been any posts 'on writing' of late, despite my enthusiasm of a week and a bit ago. Back to work and it all goes out the window! I just don't seem to have the brain space for it at the moment.

I've been reading over my chapters intermittently, mapping out proposed changes where necessary, keeping a list of scenes. Last night (in a form of procrastination) I allocated each of my proposed revised scenes to-date with a number to indicate tension rating -- the aim being, of course, to have it going generally UP, but with elements of a rollercoaster. I graphed it and it didn't actually look too bad. However, it did highlight the fact that the next two chapters were going to ruin the whole progression. Not enough tension. Not nearly enough. So this evening's mission has been to come up with ways in which to fix this.

The answer lies in me doing more character work on some of the minor characters. And this requires me to think. And all I want to do is go to bed and read. I haven't been reading nearly enough of late; I've been going to bed late, and lying there with my own story going round and round in my head. How can I make it better? How can I fix the things that aren't working? Is any of it actually working?

Tomorrow morning I should get up at 6:30am and free-write on the first of these characters. Perhaps in my befuddled dawn state I will tap into something worthwhile. I don't generally find free-writing easy. I find it hard to break the link between thought and words. But I haven't tried it at 6:30am. Maybe it will work. Maybe it's what I've been waiting for.


  1. Don't forget you do need some lower tension scenes to give your reader a break -- the pause that refreshes. But two in a row is probably not good. Can you move one to later?

  2. It's true it's OK if they're lowER in tension, but these are _too_ low. Don't want to pause too much! The general trend should be up, yes?