Saturday, 18 August 2007

Writers and their cats

I've just been to a meeting of writers, but it wasn't a writers' meeting. We met at the Animal Emergency Centre, where two of us had brought cats to be blood-typed in case they need to donate blood for Lita's cat, Fox, who may need a transfusion.

We lounged about the waiting room, catching up and talking shop, while the vet-nurses took our beloved felines away. They tested Tracey's cat, Beth, first and since she proved both a match and a better body weight for donating, Chenna was saved the trauma in the end.

We're all very worried for Fox, who is booked in for a surgery to remove his spleen and part of his liver on Monday; but something about the situation, the fellowship of three writers and their cats, struck a chord in me. I know the whole cat/writer thing is a stereotype and that many writers have dogs (including Tracey, who has two), but somehow the idea of 'sharing' our cats was as significant as critiquing a piece of writing.

Tracey has written a graphic account of these events, in which Chenna's devilcat persona is revealed. For Chenna's account, see her post.

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