Friday, 28 September 2007

Have computer, will travel

This weekend -- in about an hour -- I am whizzing away to the island for the weekend. Unfortunately, I am going alone (although Chenna will come), but I suspect I will still have a marvellous time. (Although I could wish the weather had not turned quite so cold!) It is fabulous to be able to zip off to the island with relative spontaneity. Getting out of the city always feels wonderful.

Part of me has contemplated not taking my computer this weekend. Don't get me wrong -- I still intend to wrap myself in words, but those of the more tactile variety -- on paper! Not only do I have some books to read, but I also need to get back into my novel after around a month's hiatus. Maybe the best method would be to read, think, jot down ideas and free write.

That said, I will of course take my computer. It's a reflex reaction. A safety harness. My own personal teddy bear. Even if I don't switch it on, it will be there for me to use if I want to. These days I sometimes think better with my fingers clacking over the keys than I do with a pen in my hand.

What I will have a holiday from is e-mail, the internet and . . . Facebook. This will be a good thing.

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