Monday, 17 September 2007

A long-awaited adventure

This past weekend I had an adventure. I had weeks and weeks to look forward to it, and planned much of it beforehand. Training was undertaken, lists were written, shopping was done, schedules were developed. All my usual weekend activities were either slotted into the preceding week or abandoned entirely. I was fully focused, prepared, excited.

The adventure came and consumed the weekend. It both drained and exhilarated me. It kept me hopping (skipping), guessing, thinking fast, negotiating, wheedling. The challenge was phenomenal, but I prevailed (survived). It took me places I hadn't been before, and made me see places I had been in a completely different light.

As wonderful as the adventure was, I admit I was relieved when it ended . . . Although I would definitely be up for a similar adventure again, for the rewards outweigh everything in the end.

Overall I really love being an auntie. I hope Miss 4.5 feels inclined to come visit again one day (maybe when she's 5!).


  1. Within a matter of weeks, I will also be an auntie! I am very excited about it, and think I would be a really cool auntie. Just a pity that I live on the other side of the world from my new niece or nephew.

  2. Good on you, Ellen! Perhaps you'd like to take my three next weekend? :-)