Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New toys

Over the past week or two I have been playing with a trio of new electronic gadgets. These came to me in various ways, but have combined to keep life interesting!

The least exciting (although it depends upon perspective) is my new computer mouse. My old one was playing up, stuttering and jerking, losing connectivity etc. I can't think why I put up with it for so long, but suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps the device itself was stuffed. (I believe I was blaming the computer's USB connection.) After this epiphany I rushed into Officeworks to be confronted by at least 30 mouses ranging in price from $25 to $200. I resisted a cordless model (not trusting batteries or wireless connections to be interference-free) and instead went for the latest laser technology, which is supposed to be useful for using on non-ideal surfaces. So far, it hasn't skipped a beat and my computer life is revolutionised. No longer do I feel the need to swear at the screen, or feel compelled to throw said pointing device across the room. A good mouse is a writer's best friend (despite the fact her cat may also wish to play with it) . . .

Item number two is a new mini (1GB) MP3 player. About the size of a cigarette lighter, it came with my car stereo a couple of months ago, but I've only just gotten around to loading music onto it. Not only is it much lighter to carry around, but it plugs into the front of my car stereo (via USB) and plays directly into the sound system! Way cool. This way I can pick a selection of albums (at the moment I'm listening to 8, but it will fit more) and play them at random. Oh yeah, and it's PURPLE!

Finally I have a new mobile phone -- a MOTORAZR flip phone with 3G connectivity from Telstra's Next G network. This is very exciting. Not only have I been angling for an upgrade to my 4-year old, mono-screen, non-polyphonic Nokia (because phones, you know, are somewhat of a social symbol), but this is my first taste of a 3G network -- something that I have been writing about on behalf of clients for years now. So this phone does internet, e-mail, blogging, directory assistance, navigation . . . not that I'm supposed to use them, for the fees are exorbitant. But the phone itself is pretty (lilac) and it has a nice colour screen with icons and can take photos! When I figure out how to get photos off it, I will post one.

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  1. I used to have an Orange mobile, which I loved, but then Three bought out Orange, and I had to get a new mobile, which just happens to be ... orange! Nice phone, but it doesn't take much and it's connecting up to the network and downloading news and costing me a fortune. Progress isn't always a good thing. I want my old mobile back!