Sunday, 2 September 2007

Pledge for the week

I was complaining not so long ago that I have so little time to read these days . . . and then last night I was put to shame. Exactly one week after lending two books to a friend, she returned them both already read! OMG, I said, when did you find time to do that? She shrugged and said she read them in the evenings.

Hmmm. When I am in full writing mode, I try to write in the evenings and would therefore feel guilty 'slacking off' to read. However, there invariably come evenings when work has just been too intense to even contemplate using more of my brain. Moreover, I am not in full writing mode at the moment, being instead in a period of contemplation and reflection.

So how have I been spending my evenings? It shames me to say I have been watching TV, and specifically Babylon 5 (I have just completed the second season). While it has to be said that B5 is very worthy TV, and somewhat educational with its novel-like structure, I now see that I have been squandering the perfect reading opportunity!

So, I have declared this week a Babylon 5-free week. I am not saying that I won't watch any TV, but I will not put on any DVDs, and instead I will read. (Which is a good thing too, because we have a Page Turners meeting on Thursday, and I need to complete the book!)

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