Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Vowel rut

Another post about scrabble. I am currently playing five games of online scrabble with different friends via facebook. It's been an interesting experience. One learns various strategies from one's opponents, and I think I have improved considerably over the past couple of weeks.

One does remain, for all that, somewhat at the mercy of chance. For example, in one of my games I seem to receive vowels all the time. At the moment, my hand consists of 4 Is, 2 Us and an N. Just what am I supposed to do with those? At one point I had all vowels. And the problem gets worse, because you can invariably only make short words, which limits the number of tiles you can put down, and then more vowels come in, when all I desperately wish for is a consonant, particularly one that scores higher than 1!

I am being blitzed in the above mentioned game, because no matter what I do I can't get out of the vowel rut. However, fortunately it is the only one. The other games are more even, although there is one in which I am doing the blitzing.

Even more fortunate is the new web site I have discovered which helps find words with particular letter configurations. For example, if I wanted to put my Z on a high-scoring tile, I could ask the web site to find me options for ??Z?B (for example). Then it spits out a heap of words (if you're lucky) to choose from. This is proving to be incredibly useful -- only sometimes it spits out words that Scrabulous will not allow me to use, which is always disappointing.

So off I go now to find a word that consists primarily of Is, to score around 10 points with my one-point letters if I'm very lucky. Oh well. I think I'll be put out of my misery rather shortly!


  1. I had the reverse problem - too many consonants! In one game, I had 3Ns, V, D, U and E, and there were not many accessible vowels already on the board. Can you put a link to the website that you mentioned that helps to figure out words?

  2. What - you think I'm going to tell YOU, oh scrabble annihilator?

    Oh all right. It's http://www.findtheword.info/

  3. Will be more than happy to have a rematch :)

  4. I have played about 8 games, and I've been roundly thrashed in all but one (and I only won the one game I did win because Natalie resigned the game for some reason). And by roundly thrashed, I mean nearly double my score! So I'm using that web site too.

  5. On a different note, what's the dot on top of the "i" called? A tittle. (Just in case you have too many t's in one game). (Got that one from a beer bottle cap).
    (Yes ... the moral of the story, you should also drink beer while playing!)

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