Thursday, 13 September 2007

A week of Facebook

Hmmm, I'm still undecided about Facebook. I admit that it's become something of an obsession, however. Every evening I switch on the computer and login to see who might have written on my wall or thrown a sheep at me or how many vampires might have bitten me. (Well, actually, the first thing I look for is whether it's my turn at scrabulous.)

Then I browse a bit, check out the pages of "friends" and see what they're doing. Tonight I searched for my sister's profile (having discovered she's recently joined) and sent her an invitation to be my friend.

But what am I actually achieving by all this? Two hours can pass in a flash, and I've done nothing but mouse-click around from site to site, played a few scrabble words, and perhaps left a few messages. Surely I could put my precious evening time to better use than this? I could be reading . . . I should be writing . . . Even an evening of Babylon 5 on TV would be more productive.

I am going to have to set strict time limits on Facebook sessions, or every evening will pass in the same way. I hope that I can snap out of the current fixation, which is such a passive and unproductive form of entertainment that I rather despise myself for succumbing to it.


  1. You are so right, it's a big time suck if you let it - and because I'm working from home I've found I'm leaving it open in a tab and checking it three times and hour to see if someone's changed something, or had their turn at Scrabulous ... very scary.

  2. See, told you you never really wanted to know about it in the first place.

  3. Yeah, I know. The good news is that over the past few days I think I've kicked the habit.