Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Bloggy balance and curious comments

The perpetual dilemma I find as a blogger is establishing the right balance between posting regularly and ensuring one always has something to say. Which is more frustrating: the blog you keep clicking on that hasn't been updated in two weeks, or the blog that has something new but potentially meaningless every day or two?

As a reader of a few select blogs, I find the former more frustrating, because I've gone to all the effort of clicking and waiting for the site to load. I want something new to read as a reward. Increasingly, lately, I've been resorting to reading comments. One of the blogs I read recently had a spate of comments posted from a bunch of UK inhabitants who seemed to be the fan club of a bloke my friend posted about. How did they find her blog? Did they google this guy's name and her blog came up? Almost 10 comments came up on this one post!

On the subject of curious comments, a few weeks ago I was stunned to receive a comment from someone I didn't know. How on earth did this person find my blog, and why would they read it and post a comment? Not that I minded. But it was so perplexing. The only way I could figure it was that this person, having just visited Cape Woolamai at Phillip Island, decided to google it, and found (on about the 4th page) my modest blog. Weird. (And strangely gratifying.)

(I rather suspect this has been one of those aforementioned posts about nothing. Apologies!)

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  1. I guess I fall in to the category of not posting on a regular basis...

    However, there are ways to ease your frustration. I use my google/ig webpage to monitor the main blogs I read (you need a google account for this). It updates automatically when a new post appears so I don't have to continually check the blog itself. Google also has a service called 'Reader' that also creates links to your favourite blogs and shows all the posts (new and already read). You can also use RSS feeds (click on the little orange square with white lines at the right end of the url bar (that has the website address)) and create a bookmark that automatically checks for updates. If you use Firefox, you can place this bookmark in the Bookmark toolbar and then with one click, see if there has been a new post added. Lots of information, but I hope it is useful.