Monday, 22 October 2007

Crops in pots

I have finally planted my first vegie crops for the summer. This year, I am growing in pots for a couple of related reasons. Basically, the whole concept of 'crop rotation' is something my garden doesn't really allow for. I have limited sections of garden that get enough sun for vegies, so rotating isn't really an option. At least with pots, I can put in new potting mix that has all the nutrients, and I can move them around into sunny spots as the mood takes me. It also saves me from the hassle of 'cultivating' the soil, which is a pain. So now I am planting perennial herbs etc where the vegies were.

I am also limiting my crops this year to tomatoes and leafy greens. Last year the cucumber experiment was great for about 3 weeks when I had too many cucumbers to deal with, and the snowpeas were steady but not really voluminous. Plus I've decided I'm not really very enamoured of capsicums. However, I have added a couple of strawberry plants at my niece's insistence. Let's see how they go!

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