Monday, 1 October 2007

Edging towards the zone

You will be interested to know that I switched on the computer for a whole half-hour -- the time it took to write the previous post -- during the entire weekend down at the island. I am pleased with this, because it is surely not a good thing to spend one's every waking moment staring at a screen, as I seem to do most days.

Even better news is that I got my head back into "novel zone" yesterday. I spent quite a few hours just reading over notes, thinking, jotting down ideas etc. I am in the lull before the rewrite begins . . . I don't want to start until I am quite sure that I am heading in the right direction, but time is ticking and I can't stay in this lull for ever. I am almost ready to explode! Soon . . . Soon it will begin again. I had a good idea yesterday, and I just need to make sure that it's the right idea . . .

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