Saturday, 27 October 2007

Huntsman update

This is the sequel to a post from about a week ago. See here.

My huntsman moved off the fan and lived in the bathroom for about another week. In that time it variously disappeared and reappeared . . . A turning point was when Chenna spotted it.

Little miss devilcat must've noticed it sitting on the mirror in the bathroom and, naturally, sought it as a plaything. It got away easily, scrambling high towards the ceiling. However, she wouldn't let up . . . crouched there all evening staring at it, 'talking' to it . . . until it ventured into my bedroom in search of escape.

This was not a popular move with me, I might add, but since it stayed over by the door, I dealt. Moreover, Chenna could terrorise it just as easily, so it went back to the bathroom. Not sure why it was so attached to the bathroom, but, other than that small excursion, it didn't move far from the window and mirror for the best part of a week.

Chenna spent a couple more evenings in the bathroom.

Eventually it vanished again, and I thought it must have finally vacated the premises (or fallen prey to the devilcat). But then it reappeared yet again, this time in the kitchen. It was in the corner above the pantry and I leapt back (my standard reaction to spotting spiders, although I can control myself most of the time).

But then, the unthinkable happened. The thing that you tell yourself can't really happen, but which you secretly fear and is the reason you simply will NOT sleep with a huntsman anywhere near the ceiling above your bed . . .

It fell off the wall. Or jumped. Fell, or jumped, I neither know nor care. Fortunately it was not over my bed when it did this, but over the pantry and landed on top among my collection of liqueurs, spirits & port.

It didn't reappear and I haven't seen it since.

- It leapt into hiding, and has since vacated the premises
- It is still hiding.
- It faked death so as to divert attention from its presence
- It died.

I haven't investigated.

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  1. Ma-ate ... if I was hanging over your liquers, I'd fall off too! If I was you, I'd mark the levels on the liquer bottles to make sure it's not getting a swig or two every night. It's probably hanging around somewhere. Worse ... it's probably thinking the liquer bottle area might be good for a party!
    I found a huntsman (with egg sack) in the big shed at the farm on the weekend. Thump the spider. Squish the eggs. Not nice perhaps, but a day later I found another huntsman - a small one. Thump. Plenty to go around for everyone.
    Hugs, A.