Saturday, 24 November 2007


Despite our inspirational social meeting last Saturday, I have not had a good writing week. Work is just crazy-fullon-intense-did I say crazy? at the moment, leaving me with very little in reserve. After Sunday evening, when I got started on the fourth chapter, I tried to continue each morning before work with decreasing effectiveness, until I ceased getting up at the required time all together. Simply too tired. As for the evenings, getting home at 8pm or later after an intense day is simply not ideal for the creative juices. So, a dud week all round.

I was all set to write this evening to see if I could turn the ship around, but my shopping afternoon took me into JB HiFi, where I bought no less than 4 DVDs! So I don't know whether my self-discipline will be able to withstand the temptation of the latest Harry Potter movie, or Pirates of the Caribbean (at world's end), or . . . I am going to try to write for an hour before skiving off to indulge.

But I have to say neither my heart nor head are in it just now.

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