Thursday, 15 November 2007

Cheese (for the second time)

I know I have posted about cheese before. Back then, I was going on about the low fat kind. Now, today, I am going to wax lyrical on the virtues of some cheeses that are most definitely HIGH in fat. In fact, they may well blow the scale.

I am referring to some cheese our new work MD and owner brought in this week. He formerly was MD of Jindi Cheese -- of award-winning Jindi Brie fame. So you could say he has access to the delectable product.

On Monday, I arrived at work to find our fridge FULL of cheese. There were about 12 gold-foil wrapped "small" chunks of a cheese called "triple cream". Small was not small, but in fact quite large for a chunk. Let's say supermarket size. However, this could be considered small in comparison with the enormous wheel of brie that was also in the fridge. We're talking at least 30cm diameter.

We were shy at first, despite being told that the cheese was for us to eat and take home. I daresay that the old me wouldn't have been shy for too long. But the new me allowed the cheese to stay in the fridge for a few days, more or less untouched.

On the third day (Wednesday) I cracked, and brought out some brie with rice crackers for morning tea. This unleashed everyone's restraint and we had a very happy office. We all seemed more than happy to collect our items from the printer (beside which was located the cheese). And today we had the triple cream -- also absolutely delicious.

It's been quite some time since I've allowed myself to eat soft cheeses, but what a way to break the drought! These are truly amazingly yummy. (I will add that although I succumbed, I have been very restrained!) I don't think I've had triple cream before. It's a deal harder in the middle, almost stodgy, but still "soft". It tastes very different. I'm not sure which I like best. Some more experimentation is required!

And that's almost the best bit. I now have some of each here in my fridge. Although some might think I only brought them home to look at them . . . Clearly I need to find some friends to help me!

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