Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Water thwarters

Of late I am getting very frustrated at all the water thwarters. These are the people who do not obey water restrictions. They water with the hose at the wrong times, or they fill up inflatable wading pools and frolick, or they set automatic (non-drip) timers when they go on holiday, or they wash their cars.

All these water thwarters I have encountered at various times in the past week or two. We are currently on pretty severe water restrictions, which means you are only supposed to water with a hose on two specific mornings per week (6-8am), and all the other things you are not supposed to do at all! The whole point of the stupid early time window is to discourage people from watering -- you'd have to be desperate, right? It's not so you can rationalise in your mind that you don't do it then, so it's OK to water at 9am or 9pm or whatever instead!

Even more annoying than all the water thwarters is the fact that I am getting so irate about them! I do so wish that I could shrug it off as none of my business, but I can't. Instead my hackles rise and I contemplate walking outside to remind them that they're being naughty and that I have noticed. Worse, sometimes I even contemplate reporting them. I do NOT want to be the nosy reporting neighbour. Worse, some of the water thwarters are people I actually know, who tell me their evil ways. Why can't people just do the right thing and save me all this angst?

As for my own watering habits, I am still diligently using grey water on the garden, and so far, so good. Still alive.


  1. Ellen, I agree. But before you get too upset are you sure they are all actually 'cheating'?? I'm asking because we run a sprinkler system which waters our entire garden but the water is all tank water/grey water. D went to a lot of trouble to set up a pumping station and to install rainwater diverters, so that now our garden is entirely watered by recycled water. If you happened to look over our fence and see the sprinkler going at 8pm you might get the wrong idea! I know lots of my friends have taken similar measures. Just thought I'd alert you to this! If people truly are cheating, though, I don't see the problem with reporting them. I know it seems awful and it goes against our cultural norms, but drought is a serious business.

  2. Of course I'm sure. I too know many people who are going to great lengths to use rainwater or recyled grey water. But one also grows accustomed to neighbours' habits and it's pretty easy to tell when they haven't.