Monday, 12 November 2007

Writing talismans

After all my procrastination on Saturday, I managed to get into it and have had three good writing sessions since then. I am feeling pretty happy with the three chapters tackled to-date. They seem to be gelling.

I'm not sure yet whether I'm adding words overall. I have a feeling I may be losing words, which does seem to be my tendancy during editing. This is not actually a good thing, because the first draft came in a little shorter than intended and I planned to flesh it out in the re-write. You know, add more character detail and setting and such! Isn't that what most normal writers do? Not me. All I can see is heaps of waffle and so slash and burn! I won't really know until I reach the end of the 'first act', because that's a fixed event. Interesting, hey!

I've been thinking a lot recently about writing talismans. I have a Tibetan pendant, purchased in Nepal some years ago, which I wear most days. Very early on it served as inspiration for a type of pendant worn by certain characters in my WIP. Sometimes I hold it -- it's always warm to touch because it's against my skin -- and transport myself into my other world.

I mention this because I have recently acquired a new talisman in the form of a miniature brass telescope (on a keyring). Back in July when I spent a week down at the island, I was hit with the epiphany that my main character travelled with just such a telescope. And during the recent long weekend on my writing retreat, I wrote the first scenes in which this telescope appeared. So imagine my delight when we found a miniature version of the telescope in one of Cowes' gift shops!

I had to have it. And, since Tracey's theory is that you should buy presents for your characters every so often, she kindly gifted it to me. So now it hangs beside my computer screen, directly in my line of sight. There's no way I'll forget to write it in!

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  1. I have a writing talisman too. It's this smooth purple stone my sister-in-law gave to me. She said it was to do with writing, but I haven't asked about the specifics, since I don't believe in this kind of stuff.

    Still, I like to hold it before I begin to write if I happen to see it lurking at the bottom of my writing box.

    But hey, I really like the idea of buying things for your characters. I'm sure my heroines have exactly the same shoe, dress and finger size as me. And being the kind, generous women they are, they won't mind sharing!