Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Pork belly vs chocolate?

Pork belly or decadent chocolate mousse dessert. Which would you choose?

The answer's easy. My next question is WHY?

I had a bizarre dining experience this evening -- all my own fault, I might add. The restaurant was lovely -- Delizia Cucina in Seddon -- even if the menu choices were perhaps a little off-beat (rabbit, quail, the aforementioned pork belly).

I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered pork belly. I was entranced by the notion of poached plums to accompany, and in my mind the pork would be a lean fillet. Turns out I was very wrong. OK, so I'm an idiot. The pork belly arrived and it was . . . well . . . let's say I could not bring myself to eat even one mouthful. It simply oozed great chunks of pork fat and crackling (was there any meat at all?). I'm sure it was cooked to perfection, but I'm afraid I sent it back dissected, but otherwise untouched. All my own fault, I told them. Seriously embarrassed.

Anyway, they were really nice about it and offered me a free dessert to compensate. Totally unecessary and I did protest, but they insisted. (I was definitely going to eat dessert, but was more than happy to pay for it.)

Which brings me to the decadent chocolate mousse dessert. This was seriously yummy, and a generous portion. And I ate it in entirety.

But I couldn't help looking at it and wondering why I could devour the dessert (and all its associated fat), yet the thought of even one mouthful of pork belly made me gag.


  1. It is now 5:30pm, just about the time when I start to get hungry and I just read your post. Strange as it may seem, I was more tempted by the idea of pork belly than the chocolate mousse. I did have some very sweet cake this afternoon (for a colleague's birthday) so maybe that is why I am now craving something salty. But I do also like crackling, which I haven't had in ages. Maybe I will cook some pork tonight...

  2. I don't like pork because it always seems so fatty (even when it's not). To me, the difference is visible fat and invisible (an old Jedi mind trick). Just like how it's invisible in avocados too. Chocolate mousse seems sweet, not fatty -- when you look at it. Our analytical brains can tell us more about the ingredients, and what's in cream etc, but it visibly doesn't look fatty the way meat can. I totally get what you're saying though!

  3. I would choose the pork belly. Love crackling. And I must admit, that as the years pass, while I still love the idea of dessert, I can actually eat less and less of it. Dessert actually makes me feel really sick. I know ... it's sad ... but it's so bad that I stop myself and rethink whether I actually really need it, or whether a nice cup of tea will suffice.

  4. Believe it or not, the "which would you choose?" was supposed to be a rhetorical question! So far 2/3 responses have surprised me.

    I was having a discussion this evening about eating habits, and which bad things you really can't do without. With me, it's dessert/chocolate etc. Savoury evils like fries etc are much easier for me to decline.

  5. My stomach always lets me know when I've had a fatty meal. Usually about 2-3am, and always after eating out, never after a home-cooked meal. Funny, isn't it?