Saturday, 23 February 2008

Another crazy week

I hate leaving so long between posts, but it's been another crazy week. However, the good news is that it has also been a productive one, all things considered. Although I am already lagging far behind my rewriting goals as we head towards end-March, I have written two chapters in the past two weeks. This may not sound like much to those who write a chapter a day, but for me (who's still in work hell, remember) it's great!

It has been an interesting week, where I suffered a crisis of confidence (a published author? who am I kidding? No-one would read this shite!) and worked out that I find narrative sections really really slow going. Today, for instance, I spent twice the time writing half the words in a section of narrative, compared with a short scene that contained movement and dialogue. I think this is because with narrative you're effectively condensing the number of words taken to convey events, so there's usually a great deal of information/consideration to be deployed just so. Whereas with a short scene, it rolls out as though you're watching a movie in your mind. This means, of course, you have to go back to insert accents of reflection and the other senses, but other than that it tumbles out nicely.

Also this week I have reinstated some early mornings for writing, although not every morning. They have not been working as well for me as they did when I finished the first draft last July, but I shall persevere as I can, particularly on days where it looks as though I can't write in the evenings.

Sometimes I fantastise about a life where I'm not a writer and I have every evening free to take up new hobbies or maybe just watch TV or even (radical thought) read a book! But at the end of the day, we write because we can't not write. Consequently I continue to plug away.


  1. perseverance is something you have in spades. that huge tome gathering dust on your bookshelf is proof. keep at it my friend, you’ll get there. not much further to go now.

  2. You mean I've never known when to quit! But thanks anyway for the vote of confidence :-)