Friday, 8 February 2008

My brain is mush - again!

I didn't think it could get any harder than last week, but I was wrong. Every year, February ushers in work hell and this year is no exception. This week, I've been mired in the depths of two technical conference papers in parallel, both dive bombing for almost the same deadline. It's been ridiculous. I've been bouncing from one to the other as though I was fighting a war on two fronts. No sooner did I beat one side back, than the other surged forward. Utterly relentless. Throw in a half-day trip to Sydney, plus other bits and pieces, and you find my brains leaking out my ears.

As a result of this mayhem, I haven't written a word of fiction this week, which has me very frustrated. I can't even remember what the last thing I wrote was. I think I have to start a new chapter in my rewrite. Did I do that already? Who knows?! Right now I am going to bed.

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