Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Very happy about new Nightrunner book

This evening I've discovered that another book in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series is due out in June. I am so excited! I'm glad it's taken me until now to find out, because a year of waiting would have killed me. I think I can handle four months. The cover (left) is absolutely gorgeous, with cover art by Michael Komarck. Mind you, the cover we get here will probably be different, more's the pity. (I have previously posted about the Nightrunner novels here.)

Having more books in such a series is one of the BEST things about being a fantasy fan.

From Flewelling's web site, I wandered to her Live Journal blog, where it turns out she occasionally posts excerpts from her novels as they are in progress. What a boon for her readers! However, I think it is very daring of her, because I get the impression she sometimes posts material that hasn't even been edited -- hot off the presses, so to speak. I have always been wary of posting stuff I've written, for fear it will make me less publishable. Used goods, and all that. Of course, Lynn Flewelling is a successful author, so maybe she doesn't have to be so careful. Tantalising your readers with snippets can only persuade them they need to buy the book. Not that I even need the snippets to persuade me. I'm already considering pre-ordering it from Amazon.

Nevertheless, I have been pondering whether I could start posting little snippets of my own -- just for the fun of it. Surely a few paragraphs couldn't hurt? Perhaps I'll start with some scenes I've killed, just to stay on the safe side. Stay tuned!

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