Saturday, 29 March 2008

Earth Hour

I almost didn't know about Earth Hour, which happened between 8-9pm this evening. I'm rather bad on current affairs at the best of times, and this past month has been crazy, so I've seen/heard little news. As a result, I hadn't a clue about Earth Hour until this morning.

But fortunately I did find out about it in time, and was able to participate in the great national blackout. In addition to applauding the cause, I felt it was a great opportunity to get out my long unused candles.

Keen to witness the effect first-hand, I decided to go for a walk, anticipating eery darkness because not even the moon was up yet. However, I was doomed to disappointment. My neighbours clearly did not know about Earth Hour either . . . nor did 3/4 the houses in my street . . . or any other street. And as for the main 'high' street, not one restaurant had switched its lights off. I confess I had also expected the council to have arranged for all the street lights to be out -- but no!

I don't know whether this is the result of bad publicity (I could certainly claim that in my case) or whether people simply don't care -- even if switching your lights off for an hour is only a symbol of caring.

I feel very sad that there appeared to be such poor participation, and very glad that I at least found out in time; because I would have hated to hear about it afterwards and suffer the realisation of knowing that I was one of those who stuffed it up!

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  1. We participated and it seemed most people in my street did too, although some may simply be away for the schol holidays. I half expected the street lights to be out - but no.

    I only heard about it because I had been away on holidays and watching more TV than usual for me. SBS was advertising it - otherwise I wouldn't have known either.

    The Age ran a front page story yesterday but I often don't read the Saturday paper until Sunday!