Monday, 3 March 2008

First snippet (an indulgence)

Work has taken over my life at the moment. It seems I am either going in early, staying late, or catching up on weekends. This past weekend I wrote an entire story for one client. February hell-month has morphed into March with no signs of hell abating.

As a result I barely wrote anything (on the novel) last week, and this week is not looking terribly good either. I suppose I have frittered this evening away, but after a busy weekend and a crazy day I felt I needed a "chill out" evening. (I didn't get home from work until 9pm.)

I have been searching for something to post as a "snippet" (being rather taken with this idea). It turns out that I don't have that much that I've completely trashed -- it's either been reworked or trashed for a reason! So I have decided to post the very last thing I wrote. The thing is, I just read it over and was rather taken with these two paragraphs, but I can't actually remember where I was headed with them! (Other than in the broad sense.) It's been about 5 days since I wrote this. Consequently, there's a good chance the second of these paragraphs will disappear and that would be a shame. Now it will be recorded here!

So here is my first snippet (from chapter 8):

The road dived into a tunnel of gold and green and orange woodland. Wing had maintained a strong canter, the rhythmic thud of his gait finally settling Valan’s mood. She slowed him now to walk and rest among the trees. He paused to drink from a puddle in the bowl of a fallen log, then tore at tufts of grass at the edge of the track, while Valan, keeping a slack rein, enjoyed the birdsong and gentle clatter of the breeze through dried leaves. Each gust tore some leaves away, and the air seemed filled with gold.

She really didn’t know Adehl at all, Valan reflected. Not from an adult perspective. She remembered the mother of her childhood, commanding and infused with laughter—but now? All they had in common now were a few shared memories of Valan’s father and the sharp edges of fractured secrets from three nights ago. Both of them had become different people in the last ten years and they had to start again, forge a new relationship from the shards of the old one.

OK, so it's a very short snippet, but it makes me feel good to have it here. Please forgive the indulgence.

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