Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Folk festival - Day 3

Sunday was a lovely - HOT - day at the festival. In the name of pacing ourselves we indulged in brunch at Rebecca's, which is a cafe worthy of the city. We basked in the sunshine for a couple of hours, devouring eggs and nursing cafe lattes. Finally we roused ourself to go to the festival, where we saw

The Nightingales: Comprising Maria Forde, Tracey Roberts and Janette Gery, the Nightingales sang the individual songs of one of these ladies in turn.

Wheelers and Dealers: A traditional folk band, complete with reels and jigs. Surprisingly, we didn't see too many of these types of bands, for once. Definitely good to see at least one per festival, and this was a good one.

After all this we nearly melted in the 39-degree heat, so went back to the air-conditioned house for a breather. We needed to gather our strength for the evening gig, which I was really looking forward to. This was

Martha Tilston: As mentioned already, Martha was my find for the festival. The Sunday night gig was absolutely awsome. Her voice is amazing - it can range from huskily soft to commanding and penetrating, plus she can get so much expression. Her songs are brilliant as well, fairly contemporary with a splash of traditional thrown in at times. Her trad interpretations are wonderful, but she's not limited to folk, and I think would definitely appeal to a much wider audience. Having bought her latest album "Of milkmaids and architects" on Saturday, I purchased her earlier release, "Bimbling". Just as well too, because she sold out of CDs! Tonight I have checked out her web site to discover that she has another album, "Ropeswing", which is available for FREE download for a limited time at pondlife studios. Consequently, I am downloading now. Martha rocks. Enough said, really.

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