Monday, 10 March 2008

More folk festival (2)

The past two days of the folk festival have been great. I made the decision to pace myself this year (owing to work hell) so we've been mixing some great music with some great coffee drinking, eating and relaxing with our friends in Port Fairy.

On Saturday we saw the following acts

Suzannah Espie & The last word: This was in one my favourite venues, the Lighthouse Cafe. Or at least it used to be one of my favourite venues. This year (or maybe last year) they have made it bigger and it has lost some of its intimacy. Nevetherless, it's still one of the smaller venues. Suzannah Espie is a big-voiced country/blues singer, so not our ideal. Nevertheless she had a great sound.

Coco's Lunch: These five women have amazing voices and sing amazing harmonies. Their original music is inspired by both Australia and other countries they've visited on their travels. Although I have one of their CDs, this was the first time I'd seen them live. Needless to say, I bought another of their CDs!

A time for songs: This was a theme concert, during which a number of performers sing in round robin style. Over the years we've found this to be a great way of seeing a number of acts all at once . . . and you can then go back and see the ones you like at their own gigs later. The singers in this concert were
Kristina Olsen - A popular PFFF visitor. I bought one of her CDs a few years ago. She sings her own modern folk songs.
Kavisha Mazella - An interesting new find this year. She has a mixed Italian/gypsy/Burmese background, so her songs are an interesting mix. She has one song that I absolutely love. It's an anicent Italian serenader's love song.
Hans Theessink - A folk singer from the Netherlands.
Martha Tilston - My find of the festival!! She opened with an amazing song called Winter Flowers, and halfway though the song I knew I was buying her CD. More on her later!
Bob Fox - Same guy we saw the other night.
Danny Spooner - A festival regular, he sings traditional songs, accompanied by a concertina.

Kavisha Mazella Trio: Kavisha (who we saw in the theme concert) was playing down the road at St Pat's at 8pm, so we wandered down there to see her again. As I said, she has an interesting mix of songs, some of which I absolutely love - especially the seranader's "fig song".

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