Sunday, 16 March 2008

The other Boleyn girl

Saw this movie on Friday night and enjoyed it. Supposedly based on truth, it tells the story of the infamous Anne Boleyn (Henry VIII's second wife) and her lesser known sister, Mary, who, although married, also had a liaison with the king and bore his bastard son. The film (based on a novel by Philippa Gregory) depicts the two girls as victims of a scheming uncle (the notorious Duke of Norfolk) and pathetically weak father, who wanted to gain power and position through 'keeping Henry entertained'. Absoutely disgraceful -- particularly in the end, when the uncle/duke betrayed them anyway, resulting in the beheading of Anne and her brother, George.

Being rather partial to costume dramas, I was prepared to be entertained and I wasn't let down. Definitely a fine way to spend a Friday evening after a mad week. I was particularly impressed with Natalie Portman as Anne, and Kristin Scott Thomas as the girls' mother, poor Lady Elizabeth Boleyn, whose evil brother caused all the drama.

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  1. I'm keen to see this, especially in light of my new TV addiction - The Tudors. Definitely worth a look if you get the chance.