Saturday, 5 April 2008

Another rodent

More squeaking, stalking, tumbling, playing. Rodent hides behind box in bathroom all evening. Peace. Chenna waits, patient . . . then impatient, sitting on the box batting down behind it . . . then patient again.

Night. Sleep. Rodent vetures out and Chenna is waiting. More squeaking, stalking, tumbling, playing. Wrap head in pillow to drown out the noise.

Morning. Quiet. Empty floors through the house. Where is it? What has she done with it?

Wardrobe. Chenna waits outside it, reaching under the door with little black arm and paw. Avoid opening wardrobe -- lucky enough clothes outside of it! Not looking forward to cleaning up the mess in the wardrobe if it's anything like the mess behind the box in the bathroom. Pellets of poo.

About to leave house. Wardrobe still closed. Chenna bored and sleeping on lap. Little devilcat. Why can't she just kill it?

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