Monday, 28 April 2008

Back at the grindstone

Tonight I have taken the plunge and immersed myself back in the rewrite again. As is my wont after a substantial break (in this case around 5 weeks) I have eased myself back in with an editing pass of an earlier chapter.

When I opened the working file, I found that I could barely remember the last three chapters I wrote, primarily because they were written in a rush around Easter. Worse, I found that I didn't much like them. This was rather disconcerting! So I went back to the first of these and have "improved" it. There are always stronger verbs, better images, additional senses to be retrofitted! Not to mention addressing dialogue and accompanying reflection.

I find this process helps me get back into both the story zone as well as the writing zone. By the time I have worked over the last three chapters, I should be ready to tackle the next chapter, which I seem to recall is a totally new one.

It's good to be back, I must say. The past 5 weeks have been good, but I've started to become bored by long evenings with nothing on TV and no-one to talk to. There are only so many blogs one can read, or DVDs one can watch. When it's a Monday night and one starts to fantasise about who one can drag out to dinner, just because being at home is too dull, that's a worry! This is what made me realise I was ready to start up again.

What do non-writers do in the evenings?


  1. Since you asked:
    Mondays - pub quiz
    Tuesdays - rock climbing
    Wednesdays - mostly at home but sometimes out with friends
    Thursdays - Dutch course
    Fridays - often out with friends but sometimes at home
    Saturdays - usually at someone's place
    Sundays - at home recovering from the previous week and preparing for the next...

  2. Sometimes I wish I was one of them -- a non-writer (especially after reading Hayley's post!)

    On Mondays I like to watch the footy shows - On The Couch and Footy Classified. But I always feel guilty, because I could be writing. Lately there has been a lot of blog surfing, *research* and other forms of procrastination. And guilt. Always the guilt - LOL!

  3. Gee, Hayley's life sounds much more social than mine. Being a writer is so anti-social!

    Lisa, I sometimes wish it too. And for the past 5 weeks I pretended I didn't write and then I got bored. But, admittedly, I didn't take up a bunch of other activities to fill in the time.

    Monday night pub quiz sounds particularly fun.

  4. No idea because I'm not one either -- though I should be studying Dutch with Hayley so that next time (if there is a next time) I go to see my aunt, I can talk to her!

    Glad to see you're getting back into it -- it's so good for the soul.