Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Yeah, well, so there hasn't been much writing happening in the past fortnight. In the process of work hell (which continues) and trying to get as much of my novel rewrite as possible done, a few other things around the house went to the pack. Now that the novel pressure is off (briefly), I've taken a break to get my life organised.

This has resulted in a period of dedicated decluttering. I am in full "sort & chuck" mode. I have been through the wardrobes, the bathroom cabinet, the laundry cupboard . . . and I'm not done yet. There's still the kitchen and all the paper/contents of filing cabinet in my study to sort (and chuck). And probably places I haven't thought of yet.

Decluttering is therapeutic. Now I can walk into my study and smile, instead of feel oppressed by all the junk in there.

It is also effective. My immediate goal is to install a sofa bed into my study -- before it gets filled up again!

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