Friday, 11 April 2008

Feeding the muse

There's something about a great love story that always gets me inspired to write. Tonight it was the eternal, the brilliant, the impossible-to-surpass Pride and Prejudice. I watched the recent Keira Knightley version on DVD. Sigh. How can you go past it? Some days I think I like it even better than the BBC version, lack of Colin Firth (and that scene) notwithstanding. The new version has so much more passion. Very non-19thC, but oh-so-appealing to my 21stC sensibilities!

Not that I'm going to write. Not tonight anyway. I'm in a period of storing up inspiration. Feeding the muse like you do a succulent. Soon I will see a way clear to commence again, but for the moment I'm bolstering resources.


  1. You can have Colin in that scene if you let me have Matthew!

  2. Yeah, I though Matthew scrubbed up very well. And as I said, I loved his passion.

    Maybe I'll watch it again tonight!