Thursday, 17 April 2008

What the Interrobang

I have recently learned of the existence of an obscure punctuation mark known as an Interrobang. It is basically a combined question mark and exclamation mark and is used instead of ?! or !?

I must say that this could be rather a useful punctuation mark for me. Especially for use in texting. What‽ You mean you can't get it on a normal mobile phone‽ That's preposterous!

In fact, it doesn't even appear to be available in MSWord -- or, if it is, it's buried so deep that it would take months to dig it out.

For more information, see this Wiki entry.


  1. Hmm, not months -- it says it's available in the Wingdings subset of characters. I wouldn't use it! I have enough trouble with the normal punctuation marks when texting -- and wouldn't it be nice not to be so anal that I could just forget punctuation! But, no, all messages must be punctuated, dashes (if not em rules) and all.

    Next, we'll be needing that multiple bang (they could call it the ... no, that would be rude!) for those who can't restrain themselves and aren't satisfied with one! (One is *always* enough, if you ask me. lol)

  2. in msword, type 203D, then press ALT+X (by that i mean hold down the ALT key & type the letter x).

    see. magic.

    in html, type & # 8 2 5 3 but with no gaps

    more magic ‽

  3. Oh God!!! I'm in love!! The answer to all my prayers!

    Lisa (aka Queen of the exclamation mark)

  4. Gee, thanks for digging it out for me, n! I swear I looked through wingdings, but it was a cursory glance. I have already memorised the code and have been practising it today. In fact, I am introducing it into the work schedule for next week. Let's see if anyone notices! And it will be brilliant for emails.

    Oh, yes, I am also in love.

    (And, yes, I too am one who punctuates every email, every text message, without fail. (Even blog comments!)

  5. Oh, I absolutely love it. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Now I'm thinking of all these sentences I can put it into, never mind at the end of:

    'What the interrobang do you think you're doing?'

    or as in category romance, when the hero (or anybody for that matter) can't swear:

    'Interrobang! I can't live without you!

    or the simple, 'Interrobang, what was that?'

  6. I must say it is an appealing mark to look at, but I don't think I *need* it! Might make a good poem though!