Friday, 16 May 2008

20 years on and still evolving

I can't believe it's been 20 years since I finished high school. But it's true. Tonight was our 20-year reunion.

Back in 1988, I would have imagined a 20-year reunion to be filled with middle-aged has-beens. 20 years is such an impossibly long time. But of course we're not has-beens, nor middle-aged. We are young and vibrant and in the peak of our lives. A number of the 'girls' were pregnant, and just about all had young kids of varying ages under 5. Most of those (male and female) who attended were easily recognisable. Some had hardly changed at all.

Evidently, however, I have changed a lot! Just about everybody I spoke to said they wouldn't have recognised me. Most seemed to mean this in a good way, which was nice. I put it down to a change in hairstyle and glasses. They all commented on the "long straight blond" hair I used to have. Alas, that has disappeared. Plus I certainly never used to wear glasses.

It was all rather amusing really, and I rather enjoyed being unrecognisable. It provided a talking point, if nothing else. And it made me feel as though I had evolved.

Such an event is a strange experience though. Stuck in a fleuro-lit room with a bunch of people you've barely thought about in 20 years. It was fun to chat with many of them. It was fabulous to catch up with a few people in particular -- people I had been very good friends with at one point or other during school.

If I'm honest, it certainly helped that I felt good about myself -- right down to the new "baroque coat" I bought at lunchtime. It's rather amusing to think that I looked better at the 20-year reunion than I ever did in did in year 12!

We also had a tour of the school, which is an odd mix of old (recognisable) and new (disorienting!). The school kids of today certainly have a much more privileged existence than we ever did.

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