Monday, 26 May 2008

From Illiterati to boffin

It's never all smooth sailing with a new computer. The first one kept crashing/freezing -- unacceptable. The second one (a replacement) hasn't yet crashed, but I've been having all sorts of problems with Outlook 2007.

We're using Outlook 2007 at work, and it's excrutiatingly slow. We're all complaining. But the problem seems to be periodic. On the other hand, my problems at home were getting to the point of being ridiculous. The reading pane kept dropping out, and navigation down the list of e-mails took seconds for each one to highlight (and still no reading pane). Sometimes closing Outlook worked. Sometimes it wouldn't reopen!

In desparation, I googled "Outlook 2007 slow" and came up with a number of links, including this one here, which is gold. There's a whole forum of discussion, spanning over a year, in which everyone voices concerns and tries solutions. For those lucky souls using a Dell computer (me included), removing the application "MediaDirect" seems to work whether you're using Vista or XP. I'm using XP Pro at home and Vista at work. I've removed MediaDirect from this computer (home/XP) and so far, so good. Certainly the computer booted up faster! And I think Outlook is still working at an acceptable speed.

Prior to this fix, I had believed it to be something to do with my importing of an Outlook.pst data file from my other computer. Once I did this, the trouble started. In an attempt to combat it, I created a new pst file and made it the default, closed off ("archived") the other pst file, and all seemed to go OK . . . for a while.

Gee I hope this latest fix works! I have spent almost the entire evening playing around with this problem. For a total computer illiterati, I'm fast become a boffin!

And to think I was so impressed with myself when I managed to set up two e-mail accounts! The next thing to try is typing "netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled" at the administrator command prompt. (Whatever the hell that means!)


  1. Ah, you would never have had any of these problems, had you got an Apple ;)