Wednesday, 7 May 2008


In reading through old blog posts just now, I've observed an interesting pattern. It's a pattern I seem to live through. It starts with me being in an incredible writing zone, achieving milestones by the minute. It then transitions to an abrupt halt for a specific reason (ie I finish the first draft, or I don't make it into a workshop). Then it moves into a period of decluttering or purging. I kid you not. Compare the following posts: 8 April 2008 and 15 July 2007. Eery! After the decluttering/purging phase, I move into a period of TV-DVD watching. Last time it was Babylon 5, this time it's Sex and the City (having just been lent the entire season). And the completion of the cycle is me getting back into the writing phase. (Unfortunately, last week proved to be a false start.) I find this fascinating. It's like the circle of life in microcosm.

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