Saturday, 31 May 2008

Movie: Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

After a dearth of interesting movies, there are suddenly many to choose from. After Iron Man, I indulged with a viewing of Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. This movie was a lot of fun and, although it has a slightly different feel to the other Indiana Jones movies, a good addition to the series.

The movie is filled with tributes to the earlier three, plus many quips about the age of our hero. But Harrison Ford has still got it. He cracks his whip and leaps from moving vehicles with the same gusto -- if not grace -- as the younger Indie.

I also really liked the return of Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood (from Raiders). I always wondered what happened to her, and it's nice to have that answered.

Briefly, the plot of the movie concerns Indiana's mission to save a former colleague ('Ox') from the KGB. By way of Marion and her son 'Mutt', Ox sends a riddle to IJ which sends him into Peru and the Amazon in search of a crystal skull. The KGB, lead by Cate Blanchett's Irina Spalko, are shadowing him, determined to wrest its supposed power for themselves. There follows many chase scenes through South America and down the river to a lost temple, where all is revealed!

It's not a perfect movie, nor a great one, but I don't think it lets the fans down too much. (A little was probably inevitable.) I would have preferred the story to have stayed clear from the paranormal -- it's just not IJ! But despite that, I enjoyed it a lot!

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