Sunday, 15 June 2008

Champagne brunch

Feeling very full just now. Today I experienced one of the great Singaporean institutions: a champagne brunch. Traditionally experienced on Sundays. Ergo very full -- Still. And "brunch" didn't end until around 4pm.

After a healthily modest breakfast of muesly and strawberries, we arrived at Singapore's Fullerton Hotel shortly after 12:30, rather hungry. A good thing too. A veritable feast lay in wait. The Town restaurant had space available, and we sat down at a nicely set table and the first of many glasses of champagne.

It took me a full ten minutes, plate in hand, to survey the full extent of the spread before us. There were many options: Japanese sushi, Asian-style dumplings and stir-fried dishes, Indian curries, an extensive selection of cheeses, various salads, a carvery and breakfast table, and of course a vast array of desserts and fruits.

I decided to begin with "breakfast", which included poached egg on a muffin, hash brown and some delectable fillet of roasted beef. This was followed by some dumplings and other tasty pate-like morsels smeared on pita bread. (More champagne . . .) Some fruit and salad next. Then some sushi. After that we gathered plates of cheese and desserts and contemplated them for a while. Decided to eat the sweet stuff first with a coffee -- among them a palate-cleansing fruit-cake-like slice, coffee-chocolate cream, creme brulee and sticky date pudding (only tiny amounts of each -- I promise!). Then smatterings of cheese with some red wine.

I don't know how many glasses of champagne I drunk, and I must have gone through at least five sets of cutlery and even more plates.
We felt like we might explode.

In the end we fell into a cab and rolled back up to the 29th floor of the condo and are still sprawled on sofas indulging in a LOTR marathon, which is about the only thing we could stomach (pun intended!).

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