Friday, 25 July 2008

It is time

It is time. This weekend. Nothing planned.

This weekend I will once more enter the imaginery world and re-engage with my characters. I've done sporadic re-reading over the past week or two. Delved into a passage here and there (picked up a few errors . . . acknowledged that the first chapter STILL needs work to make the hook stronger . . .) and started to reconnect with my story.

I feel a tightness in my chest. Excitement. Determination. Fear. (What if I've lost it?)

I will begin with a little editing . . . which may lead to a spot of re-writing . . . but the ultimate goal is to start the next chapter. It's been so long that I can't even recall what the chapter is to contain. Is it to be a rewritten version of an existing chapter? Or is it to be brand new? I guess I will sit down and read and immerse (and review notes) and find out!

This is the optimum opportunity. If I don't do it now I may arrive at my scheduled writing retreat facing a huge hurdle. I need to get into the zone now. I must have three weeks momentum going into the retreat (7 women, lots of chocolate, much chatter . . .).

Oh how excited I am! I dream of my characters (my sexy swordsman, my mixed up heroine) and can barely contain myself! Ahead of me is the scene when they meet, and as I contemplate this I feel the urge to write and write and write and make it all happen.

I glance at Neil Gaiman's peptalk in the sidebar to the right and make like a shark. Write write write.


  1. Good luck. Hope the muse is kind :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa! It's good to be back.