Monday, 25 August 2008

Other worlds (MWF#2)

The second session I went to yesterday was called Other Worlds, with Robert Murchamore, Melina Marchetta and Margo Lanagan talking about fictional worlds in which children can lose themselves . . .

It was quite an interesting session, with each of the authors talking about their work and how they approach writing for children (in 2/3 cases they didn't really). Each gave a reading from their latest or soon-to-be-published novels. I'm coming to rather like author readings, so long as they're not too long. It's nice to hear passages and then learn about how they came about etc. Insight into a novel or story is always worthwhile.

Not sure that I really learnt anything though. The MWF really is far more targeted at readers who want to hear their favourite authors speak, rather than writers keen to learn something.

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