Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mini laptop sounds 'Asus' for writers

They're getting to know us quite well at the cafe where we writers meet monthly for 'brunch'. After another six-hour marathon spent indulging in lattes, wine and cocktails, I once again feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated.

At yesterday's meeting we talked much about the Asus Eee laptop computer -- a mini laptop that is taking the writing world by storm (or at least my writing world). It boasts flash (solid state) memory instead of a hard disk to make it robust enough for carrying around (and ideal for slipping into your handbag), and has just been released in a 10-inch screen model (larger than earlier models, but still small). But the best thing about it is its price (somewhere between AU$500-700).

Here's a review. I suspect it's largely targeted at the student market, but its simplicity is bound to attract others.

To get a feeling for what life would be like, we used one of the cafe menus to replicate the table space a 10-inch Asus would take up and practiced typing (on imaginary keyboard) with a latte in the other hand. Two members of my writing group have already succumbed to the need, and we fantasised about writing for hours in cafes, since the computer has a long battery life (>5 hours). Some models come in cool colours. I think I might want one too. A red one. Or a green one.


  1. I'm sold. (I haven't even read the review). I want one in pink. Real full on bright pink! New bike or new Asus? Now here's the dilemma.

    With my lack of time, I could keep in the glove box, and keep updating my blog while I'm sitting at the lights! (About the only unutilised time left). :)

    Hugs, A

  2. Oh yes, believe me I know. A glovebox computer it could definitely be. (So long as you had wireless broadband!)