Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Still an Icebreaker addict

Snowgum's annual warehouse sale commenced today with a special "members night". Icebreakers 40% off!

One thing I definitely needed was new casual shoes that will do for walking to work. I have worn through the soles of my fabulous red Timberland runners, so I have a feeling that any day now they will fall apart. The sale catalogue included some Merrill casual runners, so I attended tonight's warehouse sale with clear intentions.

Icebreakers 40% off!

I found the shoes and they looked great and seemed ideal. I also found another pair of nubuck walking baby janes in a charcoal grey. Very stylish and comfortable. I walked around in both pairs (not at the same time) and convinced myself that both were needed.

But I couldn't of course ignore the fact that Icebreakers were 40% off!

I went to the Icebreaker rack first and grabbed about eight tops in five minutes flat -- to be tried on and evaluated. I carted these around while I chose shoes, then we found en empty fitting room and I tried all 8 tops on. Every one looked fabulous, but of course I couldn't buy them all. So I settled for four.

But it didn't stop there. There was a small selection of kids' Icebreakers on the rack as well, so I had more decisions to make. In the end we decided it was rather extravagant to purchase an Icebreaker for a newborn (currently 2.5 weeks old) -- no matter that he will be approaching one next winter. However, with two nieces about to be transported to Germany for a European winter, Icebreakers could be justified as Christmas presents. I was sorry not to find something on sale for my nephew. But I know where the Icebreakers live!

In all, I purchased a grand total of SIX Icebreakers this evening! A fairly impressive effort.

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  1. I am so so envious. I saw that the sale was on, but opted to go to the farm rather than shop. But I am still envious. Those Merrell shoes looked pretty cool, and an ice breaker or two would go down really well.

    Glad you got some bargains though. :)