Saturday, 15 November 2008

Setting goals

Spent today with my writing group again. Several of us seemed to be floundering somewhat, so I decided we should each set some goals that we need to achieve by our next 'meeting' (December 20).

This was met with some reluctance by one of us (she who was not floundering). This person is currently participating in a modified NaNoWriMo (50,000 new words in a month), writes every day, and always has multiple projects on the go. Clearly she has no need of goals, so she's off the hook.

Well, I'm not so lucky -- or maybe committed, or organised, or whatever. It's been hard for me to maintain any momentum of late. I think I've been going out too much. And work is making me tired. So I've set myself the goal of 6,000 words in the next month. That's only 1500 words each week. (Actually, I have 5 weeks, so should make the target 7,500 words!) Should be a piece of cake.

To achieve this, however, I will need to get back into the rewrite. At the moment, I open the file, stare at the screen, and an immense weariness encompasses me. My mind screams and sends me off to watch TV instead. So I need to recalibrate. The first step will be cleaning out my study, which is very cluttered at present. I truly think it is affecting my ability to focus. It's sending out bad vibes. It's pathetic, but I know that once the kipple is gone, my mind will be clear and I will be able to think again. That's tomorrow's project. (And, yes, this is a familiar cycle for me. You'd think I'd learn to keep my study CLEAR!)

Others' goals included having to finish a novel rewrite, decide which novel to submit to a publisher and submit it, and decide whether or not to a) write 10 publishable short stories in 2009, or b) spend 1-5 years writing a novel that might never be published.

So that's where we're at. Let's see how we go.

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